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K-SCOPES OMNI Card Physical Redemption & Pansophy 5 NFT Pack Collectors Bundle


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Receive 5 NFT Skins once the physical shipment is made

Included in this offer is a Pansophy Series One NFT 5 Pack that can be digitally unpacked to reveal your randomized mints.

By owning both the OMNI Card and the Pansophy NFTs you will be able to claim 1 free additional AR Skin Overlay per Pansophy Series One variant, up to 31 additional NFT claims! Check out the collect and claim page on our website to get your additional AR Skins!

Adobe Aero App Download Required to View in Augmented Reality. Compatible with iPhone and iPad AR Enabled Devices.


New from The Kaleidoscope NFT Series. K-SCOPES™ OMNI Card.

Augmented Reality Collectible Trading Card with a multitude of possibilities. Ranging from AR sculptures, moving images, animations & music!

It's a multimedia dream come true!

Upgrade this physical card with a plethora of Augmented Reality NFT Skin overlays!

These first 100 OMNI Cards are all signed by Tim Avalos AKA NanoNarcAgent the creator of The Kaleidoscope NFT Series Collection!