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Sweet Leaf Dalgona Candy Challenge - Kaleidoscope NFT Series


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NFT Dalgona Candy Challenge

This Pack Contains One Container - With 5 NFTs noted below:

1 Fresh Sweet Leaf Dalgona

4 Pins Randomly selected
Odds 99% Common and 1% Rare per slot.

Once your container is open you will find a Fresh Sweet Leaf Dalgona in your NFT inventory along with 4 pins either common or gold.
These will be used to play each stage of the break challenge. To win you must complete 4 succesful breaks of your Dalgona with "Common Pins" or use a "Rare Gold Pin" to instantly complete the challange at any stage, if a superblend results in a bad break the game is over. Even a broken Dalgona can be blended for a vast assortment of NFTs from our collection!

However, if you pass the challenge you will recieve an NFT that contains an AR gallery of potential superblends you can mint with your succesfullly complete Dalgona Break.

Odds for Superblend Breaks: 50% Good Breaks & 50% Bad Breaks

Once items are in your inventory you can play this challenge with the following links:
You can also find "How to Play" images on the NFTs used for blends. These explain the use and blend or superblend of the specific NFT.