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DGA-9 Tractor Beam Schematic (Kuiper Crew)



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Schematic to build a Basic Directed Gravity Accelerator DGA-9 Scout Class Tractor Beam needed for salvage operations

This drop is reserved for Kuiper Crew members who

  1. HODL a Kuiper Crew badge
  2. HODL a Brinehurst space faring vessel

Having a common designer, the League of Oracles, the DGA-9 is an advanced version of the tractor beam used in the SOH-B-01. Where the SOH-B-01 design is open source and must be controlled manually, the DGA-9 has an on board AI that can pinpoint and manipulate objects as small as a square inch using directed gravity.

Note that salvaging will require a Kuiper Crew member badge, a Brinehurst ship, an RDS-A1 scanner and a DGA-9 tractor beam. Salvaging is planned to start before the end of October.

How to join the Kuiper Crew:

Build a Brinehurst ship

Build the Scanner

Build the tractor beam

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