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Daily Claim - Salvage Pack I


0.11 WAX

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Sold 11335

First Edition of the HODL Mining Salvaging Claim Pack

Contains results of scanning a debris field, wrecked ship, or abandoned facility and attempting to retrieve salvageable resources. Sometimes attempts are unsuccessful and nothing is retrieved. Sometimes one or more items are retrieved.

Salvaged items have many uses, including energy cells that can be recharged and parts that can be used to produce upgrade rigging modules.

How to claim:

  1. HODL a Kuiper Crew badge
  2. HODL a Brinehurst spacefaring vessel
  3. HODL a RDS-A1 Scanner
  4. HODL a DGA-9 Tractor Beam

Join the Kuiper Crew

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Build or buy a Brinehurst:

Build or buy a RDS-A1 salvage scanning turret:

Build or buy a DGA-9 tractor beam turret:

Learn more at https://kuiperone.io/

Get Connected: https://linktr.ee/kuiperone

NOTE: a small claim fee is to partially cover cost of RAM and may increase at any time due to increases in cost but will be kept to minimum possible. Cost will increase to 0.2 WAX on or after 01-MAY-2022.