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Satellite Schematic Pack I



Available / Max supply 0 / 1000

Sold 1000

Pack containing one (1) schematic to build an energy collection satellite.

This drop is reserved for Kuiper Crew members who

  1. HODL a Kuiper Crew badge
  2. HODL an Advanced Satellite Operator License

Contains one of four possible satellite schematics. Schematic is needed to build energy collection satellites. Energy is used in construction, upgrading, and powering of advanced ships, modules, and facilities.

The chance of the type of satellite is as follows:

31% Photon
27% Graviton
23% Lepton
19% Boson

These satellites collect specific types of energy and can be combined to build an OMNISAT Collection Array that collects multiple types of energy.

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How to join the Kuiper Crew:

Get an Advanced Satellite Operator's License

Build a Photon Collector

Build a Graviton Collector

Build a Lepton Collector

Build a Boson Collector

Build an OMNISAT Array

Wave 1:

  • 1000 Packs Released

Wave 2:

  • 500 Additional Packs Release

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