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Daily Claim - Power Pack I


0.5 WAX

Available / Max supply ∞ / ∞

Sold 2568

First Edition of the HODL Mining Daily Claim Power Pack

First Edition of the KuiperOne.io energy pack. Contains up to four energy particles (Photon, Graviton, Lepton, Boson and/or Kaon) with a small (<1%) chance of not collecting anything.

Slot #1: 5% chance Bonus item
Slot #2: 99% chance Photon
Slot #3: 98% chance Graviton
Slot #4: 97% chance Lepton
Slot #5: 96% chance Boson
Slot #6: 95% chance Kaon

Learn about mining, salvaging, energy collection, building and equipping ships at https://kuiperone.io/

Get connected at https://linktr.ee/kuiperone

The OMNISAT Collection Array collects multiple types of energy used in construction, upgrading, and powering of advanced ships, modules, and facilities.

HODL the following to claim:

#290529 - Pilot Badge - Kuiper Crew
#343322 - Operator License - Advanced Satellites
#353744 - OMNISAT Array

Array owners can make a business of selling Kaon energy. Arrays also play an important role in station construction.

Join the Kuiper Crew

Get an Operator's License

Build an OMNISAT Array

Learn more at https://kuiperone.io/

Get Connected: https://linktr.ee/kuiperone

NOTE: a small claim fee is to partially cover cost of RAM and may increase at any time due to increases in cost but will be kept to minimum possible.