Secure Drop

Only accounts whitelisted, with special conditions or a private link can claim this drop

Possible mint: #251 / ∞

Scout Rigging Template Pack



Available / Max supply 750 / 1000

Sold 250

Drop for Scout Class Rigging Templates

Pack Contains one (1) of four possible Scout Class Rigging Templates.

This drop is reserved for Kuiper Crew members who

HODL a Kuiper Crew badge

Rigging Templates are required to manufacture rigging modules for scout class ship upgrades.

The templates are reusable and are not consumed when producting rigging modules. Hodlers of templates can make a business of manufacturing and selling rigging.

Unpacking will start 5 minutes after the beginning of the drop at

The chance of the type of template is

Industrial 33%

Astronautical 27%

Engineered 22%

Tactical 18%

Rigging Template Packs will be offered in limited numbers with increased price over time. Those who do not have a Template will need to buy rigging modules manufactured by template holders from the market.

The first upgrade available is for the Enduring Industrial with more on the way