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BITCH & BRAT - DYSLEXIC 95 - Pack 1991


19.99 WAX

Available / Max supply 75 / 90

Sold 15

BITCH & BRAT - DYSLEXIC 95 - Pack 1991
by LeftHouse
Super Music Bubble music by E.E.Left

BITCH & BRAT - Pack 1991 Includes:
1 Bitch & Brat - Leftendary Visions
1 Bitch & Brat - Super Music Bubble
1 Bitch & Brat - Left-A-Sketch


Dyslexic 95 is a “Cross-Chain” Art Collection living on both the Ethereum & Wax blockchains.
Inside the Dyslexic 95 Art Collection, you will find:

10 eclectic animations, Leftendary Visions, varry in style, mood, and mental challenges that come form the two minds of Mr. LeftHouse, Mr.LeftHouse 95 and Mr.LeftHouse 2021. A collaboration of past and present coming together to tell 10 stories in the form of Leftendary Visions.

The Super Music Bubbles are 10 different, interchangeable 3D Bubbles accompanied by soothing loops of music created by E.E.Left. These Super Music Bubbles can be arranged into a full song!

10 original drawings from the great decade of the 1990’s created by Mr.LeftHouse.
In 2021, Mr.LeftHouse took his original Left-A-Sketch drawings from the 90’s and remixed them with color, special effects, sound, music, & magic to create the Leftendary Visions and the Super Music Bubbles.

The 10 eclectic animations, the Leftendary Visions, will be minted on the Ethereum blockchain as 1 of 1’s and released one per week, for 10 weeks in a row.
Each of the "ETH" Leftendary Visions will come with unlockable content that will lead to copies of the entire set of all 10 Leftendary Visions. These versions of the Leftendary Visions will be minted on the WAX blockchain, in the DYSLEXIC ETH PACK. Dyslexic ETH Packs will only be awarded to the collectors who purchase one of the 1 of 1 Leftendary Visionsons on Ethereum.

When a Leftendary Visions mints to Ethereum, ninety Dyslexic 95 Packs will be minted to the WAX blockchain.
Each Dyslexic 95 Pack on WAX comes with the featured Leftendary Visions Animation of the week, along with A Super Music Bubble, and the original Left-A-Sketch.

With the Super Music Bubbles functioning as interchangeable loops of music that can be arranged into a full song. Let the games begin! Once all 10 of the Dyslexic 95 Packs have dropped on WAX, and you hold all 10 Super Music Bubbles, be one of the first 20 people to arrange your Super Music Bubbles into the order you like, submit your arrangement back to us, and we will mint and airdrop you a 1 of 1 version of the full length Super Music Bubble song and video NFT you personally arranged, on the Ethereum blockchain!

(Super Music Bubble arrangement Game form will be released when the 10th Dyslexic 95 Pack drops.)

10 Dyslexic Animations on Ethereum! (Mint 1 of 1’s)
10 Dyslexic Art Packs on WAX! (90 Packs minted for each drop)
Dropping each week for 10 weeks, January 18th - March 29th 2022

Look out for Secret Dyslexic 95, ORIGINAL, GOLDEN, and SUPER Pack Bonus Drops!

If you have questions, reach us at the LeftHouse Collective Discord: https://discord.gg/nWKvNxFkaP or for more info: www.lefthouse.art/dyslexic-95