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KamaStikra Ultimate Bundle


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The KamaStikra Collection
Presented by Mammoth Mythics

The limited edition, KamaStikra Ultimate Bundle is now available to get you started on your journey to Agartha!
Ultimate Value with 50% Savings!

This will include:
1 x Mammoth Pack ($25 – includes 20 NFTs)
1 x Standard Pack ($15 – includes 10 NFTs)
3 x Background Packs ($7.50 – First phase of Blending)
5 x Bronze Tokens ($12.50 – www.mammothmythics.uk/whitepaper/myth-token)
1 x Wrangler Evolution ‘Exclusive’ NFT ($Priceless! Only included in Ultimate Bundle)
Plus - 5000 $MYTH in Airdrops!

Visit our website to understand the full scale of the KamaStikra Series & ultimately, the MammothVerse.
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More Information
Each card is extremely unique & some of them are the most scarce on the WAX Blockchain
With the ultimate being the one of one card out of the 100,000 NFTs in Series One.

The Perfect Mythic Cupid Card
Find this card and win 3700 WAXP!
Will it be you who gets it?

Begin Your Whitelisting Event To Agartha!
An MMORPG Play2Earn Game Like Never Seen Before!

KamaStikra.. Collect. Stake. Play. Win. EARN!
NFT Evolution is here.

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