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Mythic Pack! (Early Access)


1,106.64 WAX

Available / Max supply 566 / 566

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The KamaStikra Collection
Presented by Mammoth Mythics

Our biggest pack yet jam packed with huge value!

Now all KamaStikra NFTs are mutable!
Every card can be blended with a specific smart contract connected to Agartha that rewards you Loyalty Points!
The upcoming MMORPG with blockchain technology. The ultimate hybrid gaming experience.

Plus 100% Loyalty Points Value Bonus!
An average points value based on probability within the collection per NFT = $0.15

  • 100% Bonus = $0.30 Per Point

Mythic Pack = $146 worth of Agarth Loyalty Points (Based on NFT rarity probability in each pack)
Mythic Pack RRP = $55
The ultimate value to begin your journey to Agartha

Check out https://Agartha.Game
Soft-launch is throughout DYGYCON 12 to showcase what these KamaStikra NFTs unlock.
Please note: The only access to Agartha.Game before the game launches is through this collection.

Over 100 in-game items will be available through the Agartha Points System and this will be the only way to build out your game inventory.

Loyalty - Blend your KamaStikra NFTs for Agartha Loyalty Points which can then be used to build your inventory
Reward - Each KamaStikra NFT you blend on Agartha.Game will earn you 5XP. This XP unlocks exclusive Agarthian Treasure Boxes (ATB's)
Leaders - Every loyalty point you obtain will be tracked in the Beta Leader Seasons which are both weekly and monthly. Climb the leaderboard for great prizes
Market - Characters, attribute enhancements, weapons and much more can be found here. Use those Agartha Loyalty Points wisely!

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