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The KamaStikra Collection
Presented by Mammoth Mythics

The DYGYCON 12 SWAG PACK is back!
10 NFTs in each pack + Special Exclusive NFT with unlockable content
This is a whitelisted FREE drop.
Please take part in competitions on Discord, inside DYGYCON and also on Twitter for your chance to win one!

Now all KamaStikra NFTs are mutable!
Every card can be blended with a specific smart contract connected to Agartha that rewards you Loyalty Points!
The upcoming MMORPG with blockchain technology. The ultimate hybrid gaming experience.

Plus 100% Loyalty Points Value Bonus!
An average points value based on probability within the collection per NFT = $0.15

  • 100% Bonus = $0.30 Per Point

Mammoth Pack = $48 worth of Agarth Loyalty Points (Based on NFT rarity probability in each pack)
Mammoth Pack RRP = $20
Great value to begin your journey to Agartha

Check out https://Agartha.Game
Soft-launch is throughout DYGYCON 12 to showcase what these KamaStikra NFTs unlock.
Please note: The only access to Agartha.Game before the game launches is through this collection.

Over 100 in-game items will be available through the Agartha Points System and this will be the only way to build out your game inventory.

Loyalty - Blend your KamaStikra NFTs for Agartha Loyalty Points which can then be used to build your inventory
Reward - Each KamaStikra NFT you blend on Agartha.Game will earn you 5XP. This XP unlocks exclusive Agarthian Treasure Boxes (ATB's)
Leaders - Every loyalty point you obtain will be tracked in the Beta Leader Seasons which are both weekly and monthly. Climb the leaderboard for great prizes
Market - Characters, attribute enhancements, weapons and much more can be found here. Use those Agartha Loyalty Points wisely!

Don't forget to join the discord!
Visit the Website For More Details