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Mammoth Pack


352.11 WAX

Available / Max supply 516 / 1600

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The KamaStikra Collection
Presented by Mammoth Mythics

The origin of the KamaStikra project was to incorporate the ancient Sanskrit text, Kama Sutra, but in a way that is not explicit.
So we went down the stick figure route to begin with.
With the focus being on the Kama Sutra and the essence of reproduction, we are able to create the storyline for evolution.

Evolution being a metaphor for two things:

  1. Upgrades in Art Styles
  2. Evolving from NFTs to Blockchain Gaming Attributes.

KamaStikra will take you on a journey through its blending phases and beautiful graphical upgrades to a storyline that intertwines with the beginning of the Agartha and of course, the end of the world as we know it...

Visit our website to understand the full scale of the KamaStikra Series & ultimately, the MammothVerse.
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More Information

Each card is extremely unique & some of them are the most scarce on the WAX Blockchain
With the ultimate being the one of one card out of the 100,000 NFTs in Series One.

The Perfect Mythic Cupid Card Find this card and win 3700 WAXP!
Will it be you who gets it?

The Mammoth Pack is backed with 1000 MYTH
Packs must be opened to receive MYTH Token.
MYTH will be Airdropped

The KamaStikra Collection comes with its very own DeFi Staking Mechanism with 20 staking levels.
The rarer your KamaStikra Collection, the higher rate of staking you will receive.
Stack MYTH & prepare for Agartha - The first Cross-chain compatible MMORPG P2E Game in the Metaverse.
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Be ready for all the blending opportunities we have lined up which will begin the storyline animation card phase of the collection.
KamaStikra.. Collect. Stake. Play. Win. EARN!
NFT Evolution is here.

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