Rare Pack - MF Issue 1


2,500 CMX

Available / Max supply 83 / 100

Sold 17

MetaForce's First Issue!

First of it's kind fully decentralized, fully readable, page turn comic book. This pack contains the complete comic, ready to read upon opening. In addition you will recieve an "open pack" wrapper NFT of the same mint number as the pack you opened. You can keep this wrapper or use it to craft collectible badges that earn you points towards future MetaForce Comics NFTs. Also you will recieve a one card bonus "Tear Pack" which will contain a collectible that could be any rarity from Common to Collector's Edition.

Pack Contains

1 Complete Digital Comic Book

  • Rare 90%
  • Legendary 10%

1 Open Pack Wrapper

  • Craftable for badges

1 Bonus Tear Pack

  • 66.61% Common
  • 22.06% Uncommon
  • 7.49% Rare
  • 2.50% Epic
  • 0.92% Legendary
  • 0.33% Mythic

In only 5 lucky packs there will be an additional Collector's Edition card. Chance of getting one of these lucky packs is 0.08%.



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