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Lore Stories - Crypto Moonboys


200 CMX

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Lore Stories 2 featuring Crypto Moonboys, brought to you by MetaForce Comics & Muenstervision.

This Metaforce x Graff Punks x Alien Worlds exoPlanetary mashup is ALSO a HODL WARS $MArT card ( upon The HODL WARS game launch) . GK HODL WARS $MArT cards will be given 3 permanent, random HODL WARS BATTLE Ability’s, go and grind their GK XP POWER UP & BATTLE HARD. But, If you decide to flip the card… cool, all your hard earned GK XP DATA POWER will be retained on the $MArT NFT in game & ready for its new owner to gain all that XP POWER when you flip it… Or loan your $MArT NFT$ to other #HODLWARRIORS :)¬

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