Possible mint: #753 / 1572

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Battle Arena Crate


717.7 WAX

Available / Max supply 0 / 100

Sold 100

Battle Arenas earn a percentage of MST spent in the Monster Strike game. Stickers mine $MST Token which is used to play the game.

Battle Arena Crate Includes 4 NFTs:

3 Series 2 Stickers
1 Battle Arena

100% Pre-Minted Packs. 1572 Total Packs. 6,288 cards total.

Land Pool contains the following Battle Arenas:
Common - 1000
Uncommon - 300
Rare - 152
Super Rare - 76
Ultra Rare - 28
Legendary - 12
Mythic - 4

Sticker Pool contains the following Series 2 Battle Stickers:
Evolution 1 - 2446
Evolution 2 - 1570
Evolution 3 - 525
Evolution 4 - 175
Total - 4716

These stickers will all act as miners for Monster Tokens which can be used for various purposes including the Telegram Monster Strike Battle game.

Combine 5 T1 Monsters for a T2 and so on. See the chart below for blending examples.

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All NFTs in Little Monsters, Dust and Blood and Fantasy io WAX collections are eligible for the Mercenary Art Studio Collector Points non-custodial staking program. Each month in addition to your qualified airdrops you will receive a number of Monster Tokens which can be kept in your WAX Wallet and used in our game Monster Strike, purchasing drops directly, upgrading your NFTs, LP rewards and more.

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