Chillin' Rad Raspberry Mudge Studios Series 1 Ultra MAX 69 Editions!



Available / Max supply 65 / 69

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Our 2021 Mudge Studios Collection Series 1 on WAX features 10 Whimsical Themed Illustrations as seen @ Mudge Studios online POD and DTG t-shirt and novelty shops. Each core design will feature unique variations including art styles and animated GIFs with varying Degrees of Rarity based on the Limited Number of Editions Minted for each Variant. Unlockable Content Features the Art Card Back Image.
Check out Mudge @ https://www.instagram.com/mudgestudios/ or https://www.mudgestudios.com
Thank you in advance for supporting an old school freelance artist that is always learning and experimenting in an effort to reinvent himself. The Digital World is so Exciting:) Our Active Drops featuring pizza, space, frogs and Renaissance Men can be found here. https://neftyblocks.com/c/mudgestudios/