Possible mint: #628 / 1220

Series 2: Big Bake Pack


79.11 WAX

Available / Max supply 690 / 1120

Sold 430

As foretold.....Nasty Packs are here!!

The Big Bake Pack contains 25 NFTs of premium preminted song ingredients.

Build your own collection of full length, hilarious, incomprehensible, tear jerking, heart warming, mind-melting, incredible, totally original Nasty Hooks music videos.
There are 5 varieties of ingredient cards you will need to combine to create the videos:

  • The Hook, The Jam, The Groove, The Rythm, and The Sauce.

Upon blending the ingredient cards you will recieve a music video in 1 of 4 rarities (common, uncommon, legendary, nasty). There are also 2 Golden Tickets in the ingredient pool. One for a private show and one for a custom song by the Nasty Hooks.

Blending will open at tonights show in The Nasty Hooks' Discord at 6:30 PST. Check the website for details.

Unpacking goes live 1 hour after the drop time.