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Meet Arttor!


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New free drop from The Gathering collection! Meet Arttor!

Arttor is a charming good soul and loafer, he prefers the peace of hibernation to the bustle of the ship. Unfortunately, he is often woken up for games and communication.

Neuroborn Cats: The Gathering is a part of the Neuroborn Cats Metaverse. It is a collection of limited edition digital trading cards, minted as NFTs on the WAX blockchain, and dedicated to the crew of Waxship and their upcoming journey.

All cards and stickers from The Gathering collection will be used in the Neuroborn Cats' the Game — 18+ browser Play-to-Earn MMO free-to-play game on WAX and Solana blockchains.
This one will grant an additional 5% to all combat experience points!

The game provides NFT staking mechanics. This is a reward with various in-game bonuses for storing certain NFTs in the player's WAX wallet for a particular period of time.

Our game staking is different from those used in most other games and is, in fact, the development of the classic “skills tree” in the “skills cloud”. From now on, you decide which bonuses are more necessary for your character, and you can change them at any time, adjusting to the current style of play. Millions of game bonuses combinations are available to you so everyone can collect unique combinations for every taste and budget.

You can find all NFTs included in our staking system at https://neuroborncats.com/#nft-stacking

See https://neuroborncats.com/ and White Paper for more details!

Game Open Beta will be released in first quarter of 2022!