Warsaken Collab - Commander Louis - Pt. 4



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Learn the Exciting Back Story to Commander Wilfred Louis, one of the Warsaken Leaders!

5:00pm EST (22:00 UTC) - Whitelist Sale for people who filled out the form in the 3rd Story
5:05pm EST (22:10 UTC) - Open sale

Grab this limited edition Warsaken Collaboration card today as we raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project.

This collab is the 4th of a 4 card series that will unlock the story at NFTStory.Cards of a secret mission that Commander Louis went on. The story is inspired by an actual mission by an American hero and family member of one of the creators of Warsaken.

Not only does this card give you access to the first part of his backstory but it WILL have utility in the Warsaken universe.

For more info visit: NFTStory.Cards/discord

Make sure you've collected the whole set!