Possible mint: #7 / ∞

Large Shop Container (NFExecutive's Shops x3)


3,750 WAX

Available / Max supply 100 / 100

Sold 0

Introducing NFExecutives, a marijuana themed stake to earn game of supply and demand. Each Shop type sells a specific Good that is used as ingredients in leveling. Work with other Shop owners to level up your shop and earn more NFxCoin per hour. In order to level your shops, you'll need to use NFX and specific Goods depending on shop level to gather the required ingredients to level your shop. More shop features coming in the future.

This Large Container contains 3 NFExecutive's Shops.

There are 20 total Shops available.

Mary Jane, the THC Granny. Sells: THC Gummies
Pou, the Pyro. Sells: Lighter
Herb, the Hippie. Sells: Brownies
Rodney, the Roller. Sells: Blunt Wraps
Chester, the Corner Guy. Sells: Low Grade Weed
Night Driver. Sells: Pre-Roll

Kaige, the Cook. Sells: THC Oil
Garage Growhouse. Sells: Homegrown Weed
Hydroponic Shop. Sells: Grow Supplies
Wellness Store. Sells: THC Tincture
Albie, the Artist. Sells: Glassware

Cannabis Cafe. Sells: THC Infused Food
Pop-up Vendor. Sells: Wax
Medical Dispensary. Sells: Medical Grade Weed
Smoke Shop. Sells: Disposable THC Vape

Reggae Concert. Sells: Box of Pre-Rolls
Recreational Dispensary. Sells: Top Shelf Weed
Music Festival. Sells: Bundle of Blunts

Cannabis Convention. Sells: Every Common/Uncommon Good

Cannabis Company. Sells: Every Rare/Epic Good

Stake your shop here https://www.nfxcreations.io/nfexecutives/stake in order to gain access to the NFExecutive's Goods Token here https://www.nfxcreations.io/nfexecutives/goods-token for 100,420 NFxCoin.

Shop owners can create Goods using the NFExecutive's Goods Token here https://www.nfxcreations.io/nfexecutives/goods

Each shop can produce one Good from that Shop type every 4 hours and 20 minutes using the Goods Token.

Pack Details: There will be a total of 600 Containers (Packs) for sale total from drops and 30 from Pre-Sales, not counting giveaway prizes or other special events.

  • 300 Small Container (1 Shop) Price: $60. Odds: Common - 63.10%; Uncommon - 23.40%; Rare - 8.50%; Epic - 3.00%; Mythic - 1.50%; Divine - 0.50%

  • 200 Medium Container (2 Shops) Price: $110. Odds: Common - 57.00%; Uncommon - 24.20%; Rare - 10.10%; Epic - 5.00%; Mythic - 2.50%; Divine - 1.20%

  • 100 Large Containers (3 Shops) Price: $150. Odds: Common - 40.10%; Uncommon - 25.10%; Rare - 16.60%; Epic - 10.20%; Mythic - 5.00%; Divine - 3.00%