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OWM Coin Hunt: 1st Edition Pack



Available / Max supply 0 / 500

Sold 500

Each pack contains 10 Rare coin NFTs from the 10 Pence Quintessentially British A to Z coin collection. Each coin NFT have equal chance to drop from the pack.

Unpack here starting 5:30 PM UTC

OWM Coin Hunt is a NFT Community game where participants must form words (blends) fom the coin NFTs + one key. The keys are distributed for free by 8 major twitter accounts in the form of giveaways, contests, random drops etc.

More information about the OWM Coin Hunt here
You can join the conversation on Telegram, Discord or Twitter

Packs must be opened until 15th of August, at that date all templates will be locked and the packs won't be able to generate NFTs.