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Gear Pack Drop


300 WAX

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šŸ“ā€ā˜ ļø OUTLAW TROOPERS: GEAR PACK šŸ“ā€ā˜ ļø

ā–¶ļø The pre-sale (Whitelist) of the Outlaw Troopers Pack Drop will happen on November 4th at 14:00 UTC / 7AM PDT, please reach out in Discord to get on the whitelist
ā–¶ļø The public pack drop will start on November 4th at 16:00 UTC / 9AM PDT.
ā–¶ļø The public drop will not have a per account limit
ā–¶ļø This is an EXCLUSIVE pack drop, the ONLY pack drop we will be having Troopers / Gears / Passes / Space Stations
ā–¶ļø The game goes live the DAY AFTER the pack drop, as soon as you open them up you can play!

šŸŽ All purchased packs can be opened on November 5th at 14:00 UTC / 7AM PDT.

More Details:

  • Each pack contains 3 gears
  • Rarity percentages are:
    EPIC - 85%
    LEGENDARY - 15%
  • Each pack will be 300 WAX