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Wizzy PFP


50 WAX

Available / Max supply 0 / 7331

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Wizzy OG will exist in a maximum of 7,331 unique assets.
Supply and Traits


Wizzy boasts 11 distinct attributes and a total of 166 unique traits.
On the same PFP, both male and female genders are represented, allowing for a diverse range of expressions and styles. These traits, managed by a set of rules ensuring their correct composition, include a wide range of features, from hair style to clothing, to facial expressions. The combination of these traits offers over 1.5 billion possibilities, ensuring that each Wizzy is truly unique.
Instant Win


During the OG drop, the special mint numbers listed here will receive a reward of 250 WAX each:
#111 / #420 / #777 / #1111 / #1337 / #2222 / #3333 / #4444 / #5555 / #6666 / #7331


During the OG drop, some Wizzy traits offer instant prizes.
Here is a detailed list of the prizes and their corresponding requirements.

Clothing: WAX Hoodie (331 PFP - Odds 4.52%)
Prize: 25 WAX

Clothing: WUFFI Blue / Pink / Purple (82 PFP - Odds 0.37% Each, 1.11% Tot)
Prize: 50,000,000 WUF

Hand: Gem Blue / Green / Red (606 PFP - Odds 4.8% Blue / 2.1% Green / 1.3% Red)
Prize: NFT Gem (Crystal / Emerald / Ruby)

Special: Signed* (12 PFP - Odds 0.16%)
Prize: 1,000 WAX
* The artist has curated 12 PFPs with a specially selected combination of traits, each bearing the signature of the author.



Breeding in the Wizzy universe offers Wizzy OG owners a captivating opportunity to pair their OGs during special events, creating new PFP offspring.
The traits of the parents are random mixed to produce unique children. In this process, partnerships with other collections will be promoted, introducing specific collaboration traits for each new generation.



The rarity score of Wizzy will be integrated with the Magic Power given by the PFP Gems, influencing the status and rewards in the PFP Wizard community, such as the monthly raffle that has been giving away NFTs worth around $100 every month.



Stake your OG Wizzy in the WaxDAO Farm here to earn $CHAD!
First season consists of ~5B CHAD, and will last for 15 days. Each individual Wizzy PFP guarantee 1,773 CHAD/h.


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