Possible mint: #3030 / 5000

Sold out

Christmas Drop 1/10 -> $PXJ Token Coin


15 WAX

Available / Max supply 0 / 10

Sold 10

The Pixel Journey is slowly loading up to fully begin, and while our Pixal PFP drop is still on the way, our new project $PXJ token has already arrived to the Wax blockchain!

Our Pixel Journey is thereby already slowly starting to introduce its pixel-economy and a few of the mechanics we'll explore on our way. To make sure to be able to offer a smooth roll out of our $PXJ economy, we've decided to introduce these "Token Coin Redeemables" as a sort of a buffer/quick distribution mechanic here from the very start.

There are a total of 5000 PXJ Token Coins to be minted (as well as 1000 PXJ Token Chests), which will in total lead to distribute 1% of the total PXJ supply (or 10% of the PXJ tokens released during our first season).

They will each be distributed in various ways, such as giveaways/airdrops/partnership rewards, and will have ~20% of their supply sold directly for Wax here via Neftyblock drops. So 1000 PXJ Token Coins and 200 PXJ Token Chests.

Read more about our PXJ token here via our Pixel Journey Docs site:

And more about how these PXJ token redeemables work here:

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