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Birds on a Bender Promo


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What happens on the blockchain stays on the blockchain!

Paulie the Penguin was once an innocent little bird trapped in the metaverse ... that is, until he met CollectingCoins!

Pixel Labs is proud to present an all new collaboration, full of degenerate debauchery, when Paulie and Coins head to Sin City.

This exclusive 10 scene set will drop next week and contain never-before-seen behavior from the Dirty Birds.

(Canvas Style)


  • 10 Scenes @ $1 (WAX) each, dropping M-F @ 12pm est over the next 2 weeks (Monday Sept 20th - Friday October 1st)
  • All scenes can be crafted into a Canvas Scene by blending 10 originals (15 max supply per scene)
  • Bonus Rewards for both Original & Canvas set completions in the form of PIXEL and AGORA Token airdrops (SNAPSHOT: Monday, October 4th @ 12pm est)
  • Canvas set completion will receive all regular bonuses in addition to an exclusive NFT