Birds on a Bender - Evolution


487.8 WAX

Available / Max supply 2 / 25

Sold 23

The Birds are Evolving!

In preparation for the future, The Birds have joined forces with new artists to evolve beyond pixelated characters.

This piece was hand-sketched and is officially the first ever NFT that features Paulie the Penguin & CollectingCoins together, in a never-before-seen style.

It is only fitting that they are traveling back to Vegas to relive their first project, Birds on a Bender.

Collector Bonus

All collectors holding 15+ NFTs (excluding promos) from Birds on a Bender will be airdropped the sketch version of this masterpiece.

Airdrop bonus will take place on Wed, Nov 17th around 12pm est

**Birds on a Bender 10 Packs can be Purchased Here **