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#66 - Paulie the Penguin & Graffiti Kings Collab


20 WAX

Available / Max supply 0 / 500

Sold 500

5,000 WAX TOKENS BACKED IN THIS COLLAB DROP by Pixel Labs & Graffiti Kings

258 out of 500 of these NFTs are backed with WAX.

(See the diagram below for details)

The Top Prize is Mint #500 with 500 WAX backing it.

You have a 52% chance of getting an NFT that is WAX-backed.

If you win you will need to BURN your WAX-backed NFTs to collect the coins. You will know if it's WAX-BACKED by the lock icon in the top left of the image.


REMINDER: WAX-BACKED NFTS will NOT work in the blender