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Alpha 3.1 Supporter Pack


270.32 WAX

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Pixil Mini Alpha 3.1 Supporter Pack

Pixil Mini is an NFT game where you collect and trade your randomly generated mini characters, equipping them with gear, and battling them in various games.

It is in very very early Alpha stages and is only made by 2 people.
We are trying to use NFTs to both create a metaverse game world as well as use the tokens as a form of crowd funding for development.

For more pics, lots of pics, please visit https://pixilmini.com/

Or join the DISCORD for some battle games to play with your minis
and a chance to win free minis and other prizes https://discord.gg/Bug5pFXdRg

Also, if you want to battle right now!!! You can!!! The first ever third party game made with the Pixil Minis, Loke Hansen's https://www.nftminigames.com/ is live and adding new features constantly! Go play! Earn some minis and other prizes!

The pack contains 7 random minis:

and each mini has several frames:

including 3 outfits with stats, a transparent background frame, 2 portrait frames, and some rules to a dice game you can play with your minis

and there is also a bonus in every pack:

  • [719 avail, 92.5% chance] Gold Royal Rook:

  • [7 avail, 0.9%] Azurite Royal Rook (100 gold):

    NOTE: The Azurite can be sent to gcftc.wam to exchange into 100 gold coins.

  • [1 avail, 0.1%] Onyx Royal Rook (10,000 future gold):

    NOTE: The Onyx coin cannot be exchange or used in any way for now, as it will break the entire current early system, but it will be exchangeable for 10,000 gold coins in the future, and will be an ingredient for the most powerful blends!

  • [21 avail, 2.7%] Custom Choice Frankie. Can be used to create a custom mini with manually selected property values and colors, as well as name. Redeemable Nov 7th, 2021.

  • [7 avail, 0.9%] Rare Hair Frankie. Frankie draws a custom hair from pictures you send and it is added to the game. Redeemable Nov 7th, 2021.

  • [3 avail, 0.39%] Epic Fashion Frankie. Frankie draws 3 custom clothing items (shoes, gloves, shirt, pants, jacket, hat/helmet, head accessory) from pictures you send and they are added to the game. Redeemable Nov 7th, 2021.

  • [1 avail, 0.1%] Legendary Style Frankie. Frankie draws either a full character style, including all clothing (shoes, gloves, shirt, pants, jacket, hat/helmet, head accessory), as well as a hairstyle... OR a fully custom rendering of a character (which wont be able to wear future clothing, but will look awesome like Dogtor Strangeruff!). Redeemable Nov 7th, 2021.

  • [18 avail, 2.3%] Origin Bastion. The very first Flying Bastion ever drawn, 11 years ago. Redeemable for something much cooler after 1 year. Redeemable Aug 18th, 2022.