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Possible mint: #1097 / 1100

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Space & Ground Structures Pack


1,398.31 WAX

Available / Max supply 0 / 1050

Sold 1050

This pack includes 4 structures. 2x Mining Facilities, 1x Space Dock and 1x Research Station

There is a 1% chance to receive a legendary flagship instead of one of the Mining Facilities.

WHITELIST: Own a SHIP and a CAPTAIN in order to get whitelisted. Snapshot will be taken 1 hour before the drop.

IMPORTANT: These NFTs will make you eligible for weekly aidrops untill phase 1 goes live. More details on Discord.

Pixverse is a game in development. First phase of the game will be released in February 2022. Please see WEBSITE for full details.


  • 65% Common
  • 25% Uncommon
  • 6% Rare
  • 3% Epic
  • 1% Legendary

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