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PIXIEL - EotL Comic Page (Holders Drop)


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Get your hands on this mysterious, Pixiel - Echoes of the Lost Comic Page.

Unlock the secret history of Pixiel, a lone robot wandering the lands of Amebrak. Discover what's hidden amongst the ancient, mysterious Ydrast writings, to unlock the translated story of Pixiels beginnings.

**This is the Pixygon Holders Drop **

Whitelisting rules - This Drop contains 50 assets and is limited to holders of..."At least 1 sealed game box from the sealed game box schema or at least 1 Pixiel Cartridge from the Pixel Cartridge template."
Read More about Pixiel on our Medium Page here: https://medium.com/@pixygon/pixiel-echoes-of-the-lost-dedacd92b7cd
Check out the Official Pixygon YouTube channel to see the Motion Comic, when it goes LIVE on Thursday the 25th at 20:00 UTC https://www.youtube.com/@PixygonGames