Possible mint: #14 / ∞

Bake-to-Order Token πŸ• (Chummy Pizza Hand / Diamond)


1,296.3 WAX

Available / Max supply 8 / 10

Sold 2


By purchasing Bake-to-Order Token, you are buying custom baked Chummy Pizza Hand with Animated Diamond Pizza slice!

  • Purchase SeΓ±or Lupe's Chummy HERE and hold it on WAX wallet you purchased this Bake-to-Order Token with.
  • Send DM to Pizza slice Telegram or Twitter which Chummy you want to use for pizza hoof.
  • Once baked, new custom 1/1 Chummy Pizza Hand will be baked, minted and Trade Offer for Token will be sent to you! (Bake-to-Order Token will be then burned)

Traits used for Pizza Hands are: chummy skin, hoof/face/mouth accessories and background color! Animated Diamond Pizza slice is permanent.😊

Each Pizza Hand is hand baked with love.πŸ’œ

Every collector of Pizza Hand can claim FREE Legendary Pizza Coin: https://neftyblocks.com/c/pizzaslice2u/drops/52897