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Axel's Trading Post


23.36 WAX

Available / Max supply 190 / 250

Sold 60

Axel is a young and lazy black squirrel hiding deep in the forest. Eager to instill a sense of responsibility, his parents insisted that he find a job. So his cousin Toby came to the rescue and named him the manager of the trading post.

The position is perfect for Axel. The trading post is somewhat secluded and very few are aware of its exact location. However, to irritate Axel, Toby mischievously reveals the location to anyone who will listen.

At this unique hole carved inside an ancient tree, you can recycle old NFTs in exchange for new ones. However, there's a catch: trading in five old NFTs will only yield one in return. The decision of whether it's worth the cost is left entirely to you.

Should you wish to embark on this thrilling venture, your initial task is to meet with Toby. Only he holds the elusive coordinates to the mysterious tree. Don’t get lost; you definitely don’t want to spend the night alone in those woods.

Requirements : You need to own a copy of Toby the Prince of Felt to be eligible for this drop.

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