Moonlight Shadows


74.07 WAX

Available / Max supply 203 / 250

Sold 47

In this era, tales of the Moonlight Shadows are scarce. Many believed this ancient brotherhood of goblin thieves had forsaken their nocturnal mischief. Yet, stumbling upon their hidden lair in the forest reveals otherwise.

While they're not notorious for spilling blood, they tolerate no disobedience, ensuring no one leaves if they suspect their secrets to be compromised. Defy their commands, and face dire consequences. Obey, and you may yet escape unscathed, and even be granted occasional rewards.

All the WAX collected from secondary sales fees for the popinstockgo collection will be redistributed to Moonlight Shadows NFT holders through various draws and airdrops. Not all holders are guaranteed a WAX payout. The structure of the distributions is subject to change at any time without notice. More information on

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