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The Willis Brothers


24.69 WAX

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The two brothers have been plotting their upcoming adventure ever since they caught wind of rumors about magical acorns at the old Oakwood Farm. Despite knowing the legends of spirits haunting the abandoned property, their curiosity dominates their sense of caution.

They claim to have a connection with someone who owns a couple of old buses, though the details sound dubious. However, owning this NFT guarantees a seat in whatever mode of transportation they manage to secure.

Known for finding trouble wherever they go, joining them on this potentially dangerous night expedition might not be the wisest decision. Ultimately, the choice is yours. If fear overwhelms you before the excursion, you can always pass your spot to someone else or keep your pass and simply avoid the company of those two mischievous minds.

During this excursion, one lucky adventurer will earn a Funko Premium Pack of their choice. The others will either find a very limited NFT or, in the worst case, an old bucket of acorns.

Requirements : You need to own a copy of Oakwood Farm to be eligible for this drop.

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