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Yuudyed was a lesser demon that fed
from the scraps of despair left by archdemons in the dawn
of humanity. He took special interest on a rising
human industry on the early 80's: Videogames.
Being capable of creating masochistic virtual experiences
that flooded despair into his archs, got too greedy
and almost destroyed the industry with E.T. the videogame.

Luckily for him he early jumped in a small company,
that later would become his golden era: From Software.
Lost track of him after he left the company due
to creative differences, but some say he may be the mastermind
behind what we know as the modern game streaming movement.

PartyPOPPER is our 12th monster of series 2.

This card serves on our upcoming game Giveaway Bots.

Rarity: Epic

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