Poetry of War


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A 12 track LP featuring legendary crew members Awol One & Abstract Rude, 2Mex OMD, Ceschi of Fake Four Inc., Dannu of the Visionaries, Scvtterbrvin RLK, Megabusive Exalt The Anti, Ecid of Fill In The Breaks, Quaesar & Monstroe Project Blowed! This album covers a broad spectrum from golden era boom bap vibes, to bona fide inner battles, trials with words to live by, and straight up battle raps! DJ JahBluez lays a heavy foundation with diverse production and scratches that couple perfectly with Gel's relentless cadence and rhyme schemes to make for a Hip Hop classic!”

Gel Roc -Southern California native, Gel Roc (pronounced with a hard “G” like graffiti not like George Bush), is a Los Angeles based emcee primarily known for his abrasive lyrics along side his EX2 (E Times Two) cohorts. However, as a solo artist, he explores the personal aspects of his life; tapping into a broader array of topics that relate to his audience. A veteran street artist from the Whittier/L.A. based “Life Seen Differently” crue, Gel’s roots stem from the old school b-boy, graffiti, and hip hop culture of the 80’s & 90’s, which is still apparent in his works today.
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