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STARDUST | Dynamite


124.45 WAX

Available / Max supply 13 / 25

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šŸ’« STARDUST NFT Collection

ā­ Claim 4 NFTdrops

šŸŽØ Own 60+ NFTartwork

šŸŒ“ Plant & Win 30+ real trees

šŸ”„ Unlock Treetoken by mixing Blends

šŸ’° Accomplish Collection Challenges

šŸ“ˆ Climb CO2 leaderboard

Road of glory & corner stone towards Treeconomics

Each DYNAMITE pack contains 9 NFT - 4 Seeds and 5 Blends in multiple variations and rarities

Seeds qualify to plant & win real trees online profiles as Treetokens

2x Common (guaranteed)

1x Special (guaranteed)

20% Uncommon

20% Rare

10% Epic

50% Common Treecoin

Blends empower to plant & blend real trees' Treetokens with Level 7

2x Level 1 Blend

2x Level 2 Blend

1x Level 3 Blend

Trees are vital to all life and grow in value, naturally.

To unbox, blend or find Collection Challenges, Blend Rewards, all trees planted & more visit : seedr.eu

Join our Community to qualify for rewards & win a real Baobab by being first to solve our 2nd puzzle: Telegram group