Possible mint: #95 / 200


Golden Booster Pack


1,947.04 WAX

Available / Max supply 32 / 100

Sold 68

Siege of Mytra is an asynchronous-RPG strategy mobile video game based on the WAX blockchain. Take control of your Heroes, build your front of troops and mercenaries, destroy the enemies’ Castles, get resources and rank on the Siege of Mytra Community Ranking to win prizes on NFTs and $DOBLON tokens.

Immerse yourself in a fantastic medieval world designed in pixel art and traditional 2D illustrations.

Siege of Mytra is an iOS and Android exclusive role-play strategy NFT game developed by an experienced group of game developers on the WAX Blockchain created 100% on Cocos2DX engine.

First Siege of Mytra Pack Sale on Neftyblocks Friday, 15th July.


Sale starts 5pm UTC+2 (until 5pm UTC+2 3st of September or Sold Out)

This pack contains 2 differents NFT according on this distribution:

  • Slot 1: Human Castle Level 1 - 100%
  • Slot 2: Random Golden NFT (Hero, Mercenary OR Magic Item) - 100%

Follow this link with the chances of each NFT: Probability Chart

This limited and only claimeable on this drop pack guarantees 100% to pull a rare Golden NFT Each Gold NFT used in battle brings an additional 3% $DOBLON as a reward.

Don't wait and open! Packs will be available to open after your purchase!

Share your NFT pulls with us in the Siege of Mytra Official Discord Server!

Join our Discord: discord.gg/siegeofmytra

Game website: https://siegeofmytra.com