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1000 Credits


794.91 WAX

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Sold 198

This NFT can be redeemed for 1000 Credits for use with the Honeycomb Discord Bot.


Honeycomb is a Discord bot built for creators and communities on the WAX Blockchain, providing powerful community management features at an affordable price.
Honeycomb works via a credit system. Each day, your server will consume a number of credits determined by your member count and the NFTs you're tracking.


When redeeming this NFT, you must use your server's Honeycomb code as the memo or your redemption will be lost. This code can be found in the server's Honeycomb settings, or by using the command /admin inside the server and will look something like this: 69R-ZKI-K4A-LMO (SixPM's code).

To redeem, transfer the NFT with the correct memo to the wallet hc.sixpm. Ensure the details are correct, as incorrectly performed redemptions may result in the loss of your NFT.

More information:

More information about Honeycomb can be found at https://sixpm.dev/honeycomb

Twitter: @SixPMSoftware
Discord: Server Invite