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Possible mint: #1206 / ∞


"If It Burns, We Can smoke It." Membership 4.0


116.57 WAX

Available / Max supply ∞ / ∞

Sold 395

This NTT (Non-Transferable Token) gives you access to Pack Drops, Drops, FREE Airdrops, FREE Claimable Drops and more... Simply keep this NTT in your wallet to be a SkunkyChunks member. This NTT is meant for 1 per person, anyone found using multiple wallets or found just solely flipping to make a quick buck off of the community with no interest in the collection will be added to the blacklist meaning you will not be Airdropped the newest Membership NTT for Free and will instead need to purchase the Newest NTT when it is released. This NTT is to safegaurd the drops from Bots and Flippers, this is all to help the SkunkyChunks community.

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