Secure Drop

Only accounts whitelisted, with special conditions or a private link can claim this drop

Possible mint: #225 / 1500

Special Energy Sale


813.01 WAX

Available / Max supply 1277 / 1500

Sold 223

Game mode: Missions is almost ready and you will need more energy to complete more missions than normal, dont worry our Command Center is launching what you need as special sale for your with a price discount from $25 each to this price combo !!

This special offer includes 1 Power Energy and 1 Energy Box for each individual purchase. A user can make up to 3 purchases (6 NFT total).

Power Core replenishes energy no matter how much energy is left, it will always fill up to 100% and can be used once every 24H, use it strategically. Limited to 1500 units forever.

Energy Box can store energy devices found in the missions, these devices fill the energy from 10% to 100%, it can only store 1 at a time and it burns after use. The box will remain empty until you find another device to recharge it.

A player can have up to 10 Energy Box and 10 Power Core, to use more he must reach the rank of Elite.

This sale will stay open and private until sold out, our team will keep 500 Energy Box for rewards and other activities, this is the only sale we will have for this two NFTs.