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Anarchy Pack + Exclusive NFT 2


68.31 WAX

Available / Max supply 0 / 33

Sold 33

Anarchy unleashed!

After almost 2 years of non stop Blockchain development and 4 diverse collections launched on
WAX io Starcards Crypto is ready to make it's debut on the PFP approach with the FRESH Series 5: ANARCHY CLUB.

Check all the details about the Anarchy Pack on this Medium article:

This pack comes with 12 NFTs
1x Guaranteed Anarchy
1x Guaranteed Violence or Peace (50% chance each)
10x Anarchy Pins
25% chance of getting an extra Anarchy NFT

This Drop also includes the exclusive Companion NFT "The Green Mask", this NFT is exclusive to this drop and will never be minted again!!