Possible mint: #76 / ∞

Toxicity Pack - Drop 3 Final


119.43 WAX

Available / Max supply 20 / 30

Sold 10

The Anarchy Nation was overthrown by a giant toxic waste spill and it has generated 22 NEW NFTs! Featuring some of the best Starcards Original NFTs ever created and the LAST BATCH of PFPs being released this year!

NFTs per pack: 12

1x Anarchy
9x Anarchy Pins

Every pack buyer will be able to claim 1 Anarchy Pin per day with the Bank System!

Everyone participating in all 3 drops with the same wallet will receive an EXTRA PACK for FREE and also an exclusive 2nd Anarchy Pin claim per day!


The first 5min of all drops will be exclusive to holders of one the 12 NFTs from the “Evil Within” Schema

Check all the extra details on this Medium Article