Starcards Series 3: Mega Pack!


105 WAX

Available / Max supply 1776 / 2500

Sold 724

The time for the Ascension!

WHITELIST SALE lasts for 5 MINUTES after this time, SALE will open to the GENERAL PUBLIC

The Series 3 Collection by the rock and community driven project Starcards Crypto!

The Mega Pack contains:

  • 49 puzzle Pieces (mint on demand)
  • Two guaranteed Starposter (premint)
  • Sphere Pack (5 NFTs)
  • Ascension Season Pass

The Puzzles pieces are used in the Superblends to get the Copper, Silver and Gold posters variations and rewards in $WAXP or the exclusive Space Heroes Miner, “The Witch’s Egg”

More info visit: https://link.medium.com/QxGS2UdAgjb