Possible mint: #48 / 2426



263.98 WAX

Available / Max supply 2409 / 2426

Sold 17

6 Card Pack
Common 19% Utility 12% Limited 9.5% Uncommon 9 % Rare 4.5% Special 2.5% Epic 2.2% Legendary 1.2% Mythic 0.42% Extraordinary 0.05% 1:1 (Redeemable) Stoney Statue 0.01%

https://www.stoneybaloneycards.com/ where Cannabis meets Comics, is a parody NFT collection of superheroes inspired by cannabis strains. Join Master Kush, Purple Haze, and the rest of the Stoney Crew as they battle the evil Dr. Herb, in his quest to conquer the world.

Re-Rolling on WAX 4/20/2022

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