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Sublime Sounds - Blending Token 3



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Use this blending token to get involved in Special Sublime Sounds NFT Limited Edition Blending Events

This could include (but not Limited to):

  • Special Sublime Sounds NFT's
  • Limited Edition 1/10 Autographed Artists Editions
  • Special Partnership / Collaborative NFT's
  • and more................

There are 3 levels of Blending Token 1, 2 & 3, so make sure you purchase the correct combinaions for whatever blend you are going for, but be quick, the special limited editions will have a maximum of only 20 mints, most will only have 10 mints and there will likely be a few 1/1's too!!!

See all about the Sublime Sounds project at http://www.sublime-sounds.com, start supporting our Artists and earning yourself $SSN whilst doing it, not to mention becoming part of a new Music ecosystem that's helping our planet more and more everyday!