Gem Cutterz - "DOOM"


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Sublime Sounds Presents our 13th Music NFT release. Earn $SSN by staking this NFT at!

Gem Cutterz - "DOOM"

This is Gem Cutterz 2nd release on Subime Sounds, watch out for more!!

Gem Gutterz Album released Sept 2010 with track # 3 DOOM! Having the biggest impact on the music industry! Chris Atwell & Q star in Gem Cutterz 1st & Only Music Video on this album which took Toronto, Ontario Canada by Storm! With great success more music videos followed. Keep watching this NFT story unfold with Gemcutterz11 Music NFT Collection Exclusively Sponsored by Sublime Sounds! Home of the SSN Token! HODL & EARN Music NFTs.


Draw will be held 24 hours after sell out of Music Video NFT. Your mint number of the NFT you purchased is your lotto ticket number. Join us in Sublime Sounds Discord and or Telegram to find out if you WON ONE OF TWO Pairs of $800 CUSTOM NIKE SHOES! WINNER will be given a special code to contact artist to claim shoes on Envelope City Ink website




Sublime Sounds Artist Profile:

Collect Gem Cutterz's Releases to gain rarer Gem Cutterz Sublime Sounds Music Artist NFT Cards!!

ā€¢ Collect 10 Different Gem Cutterz Releases ā€“ First 20 to claim gain a Gem Cutterz Rare NFT Card (Only 20 Mints available), First 10 to claim gain 200,000 SSN & 1,000,000 WUF, First 3 to claim gain 50 WAX & 2,000,000 WUF Each

ā€¢ Collect 15 Different Gem Cutterz Releases ā€“ Gain a Gem Cutterz Epic NFT Card - Rewards TBC
ā€¢ Collect 20 Different Gem Cutterz Releases ā€“ Gain a Gem Cutterz Legendary NFT Card - Rewards TBC
ā€¢ Collect 25 Different Gem Cutterz Releases ā€“ Gain a Gem Cutterz Mythic NFT Card - Rewards TBC
ā€¢ Collect a full set from Common ā€“ Mythic and receive the Gem Cutterz Platinum Disc Reward

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