R3DR43 - "Dorothy"



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R3DR43 - "Dorothy"

This is R3DR43's 2nd release on Subime Sounds, watch out for more!!

R3DR43 hails from the lands of Kansas in the midwestern United States. Starting his musical journey from the age of 16 playing guitar. The musical journey sparked from an interest in surf music, stoner rock and, 80’s hardcore punk! Attempting to meld these genres into one form, still “noodling” on the six string to this very day. Whilst mending these genres together he is attempting to create a “Kansan sound” to modern rock music in the 21st century. R3DR43 has a passion for drawing as well, “doodling” characters and scenarios based on many “punk rock” artists from the late 70’s and early 80’s. Trying to create something “new” through sound waves and pen ink. ROCK ON!

Dorothy is the second R3DR43 release with sublime sounds! The track is a definite nod to the “skate-punk” style riffage with lyrical content sourcing from the pop culture icon “The Wizard of Oz”. Hailing from the mystical “Lands of Kansas” R3DR43 thought an homage to the film classic and the story of the main character “Dorothy” would make a real “slick and silly” Kansan style punk rock track.

“Dorothy…..you are back in Kansas”





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