CHHK Presents - Ative Evita - "Doper"


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CHHK Presents - Ative Evita - "Doper'"

This is Record Label CHHK's (College of Hip Hop Knowledge) 2nd release & Ative Evita's 1st release on Subime Sounds, watch out for more!!

Introducing Ative Evita

Ative/Evita is a quickly rising gem in the Austin, Texas hip hop scene. She commands stages and tracks with a lightning fast rap cadence coupled with a smokey jazz lounge-esque voice that beckons to greats like Amy Winehouse. She got into music at a young age and knew it was always going to be her calling. She is an active member of the LGBQT community and is involved with many charitable causes for the community at large through her music. She also incorporates her proud hispanic culture and roots into her music as it is a heavy influence on her creatively. She signed with the indie label CHHK recently and is hoping to really make an impression on the listening world with the music they create.

Doper is a braggadocious step into the discovery of one's ego guiding its Id into self enlightenment. With strong claims backed up by solid delivery Ative indeed shows why no one is doper than her in this track.


The College of Hip Hop Knowledge was founded in 2016 with the mission statement - community, unity and opportunity. Pay to play promoters and lineup favoritism were rampant and there were no solid indy hip hop labels on the scene, providing genuine opportunities for all serious artists to further their careers. At CHHK, we saw this void needed to be filled. ATX has so many talented Hip Hop artists that deserve a bigger platform. So we started our own showcases and developed our own label.
Website: https://www.chhk512.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/collegeofhiphopknowledge
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CollegeofHHKnow







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