CHHK Presents - Tall Kyle - "Mammoth"


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CHHK Presents - Tall Kyle - "Mammoth"

This is Tall Kyle's 1st release on Subime Sounds, watch out for more!!

For ages, many have wondered when the bridge of flat earth and rap music would be built to unite us all. Alas, there is one man. Tall Kyle. Former infant, “Tall Kyle” has finally broken down “flat earth theory”. He’s able to calculate the “science” of the false globe ideologue. He uses “quotation marks”, this is smart. The hip hop aspects comes from childhood. Being raised by an escaped group of turtle clones, Tall Kyle didn’t meet his first human until he was 12 years old. He also read a book. Embedding him into the culture of hip hop. Space is fake. Faker than big fat titties.

Mammoth is a lofi hip hop, cleverly lethargic presentation of a Tall Kyle day dream. Produced by Chill Tea Mango, this brings a minimalIstic yet deep sound. Tall Kyle is the flat earth champion of the monotone flow, and this song is further proof. While this song is palatable to a non-hip hop fan, this one will surely be enjoyed by any nuanced hip hop connoisseur.







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